Cancellation insurance

A cancellation insurance

We recommend you to take a cancellation insurance (only 4 % of the rent) with the reservation service. It will give you peace of mind and also protect the people who accompany you. Furthermore, you are covered during your stay, and until the day of departure. If you have to shorten your stay, you will be reimbursed for the nights not spent in the accommodation.

In case of cancellation and within 6 weeks maximum, you will be reimbursed 80 % of the sums paid (excluding set-up fees and insurance fees) if your stay is less than 21 days, or 60 % if your stay is longer than or equals 21 consecutive days in the same accommodation.

The cancellation insurance steps in if you cancel or shorten your stay for the following reasons:

  • Serious illness, serious injury or death of the tenant or his spouse, their ascendants or descendants, their brothers or sisters, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, or of every person mentioned to the rental agreement.
  • Disaster entailing important damage to your place of residence, to a holiday home or to a company belonging to you.
  • Refusal of paid leaves by your employer, lay-off or professional transfer of the tenant or his spouse.
  • Interruption of a professional construction site motivating the stay.
  • Ban of sites by municipal or prefectorial decision because of pollution or epidemic.

Warning: this cancellation insurance can be only signed for the reservation of accommodation with the reservation service or of shared management. It is not available for accommodations reserved directly with the owner.