Classified and controlled accommodations

A competent and serious label

In 2015, Gîtes de France is celebrating its 60th birthday. The label has grown and developed over the years. Now, it is the largest guest house network in Europe, thanks to 44.000 men and women welcoming you into their homes, each one being different and unique. 
On the French territories, it's a team of more than 600 people through the National Federation and through its 95 departmental relays.
A classification in 'épis' meeting the criterias of a national charter

This classification indicates the comfort level of the accommodations. 

A specific classification for 'City Break'

The Comfort, Premium or Luxury classification indicates the comfort level for 'City Break' accommodations. 

Regularly controlled accommodations
At their opening, all the accommodations Gîtes de France are controlled by a commission, which attributes a classification in 'épis' or a specific classification for 'City Break'. Afterward, the accommodations are controlled every 5 years to maintain a constant quality level.

Bedding, dishes, household electrical appliances, toilets, the surrounding environment but also the cleanliness and the reception count among the numerous points which are submitted to a careful and objective check by our team.