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Beaujolais Country

In the north-east of the Rhone area is the Beaujolais vineyard country with its warm abundance of hills, rivers and age-old vineyards. It is the kingdom of wine ! Villefranche-sur-Saône has become the economic capital of this part of the department, succeeding Beaujeu the historic capital, over the years. The region is also includes chapels, churches and castles. The villages of the 'Golden Stones' (Pierres Dorées) area is a feature not to be missed.

This north-western part of the department is mountainous. The region is a 'must' with its beautiful pine forests and pasture land. It's the kingdom of hiking, horse riding and mountain biking. Several towns play a central economic role including Tarare, Amplepuis, Thizy and Cours-la-Ville with a dynamic local textile industry and many workshops to visit.

Lyonnais Country
West of Lyon are the uplands of the Lyonnais. In summer the Coteaux, with their grasslands, orchards and vineyards, are covered with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, red-fleshed vineyard peaches and countless other fruits and berries. Just next-door the region has lost nothing of its wild beauty. Ideal hiking country, the Lyonnais is the proud possessor of a rich heritage of traditional villages, castels, aqueducts and medieval chapels.
Pilat, Region of Condrieu
Mother Nature rules supreme here in the south of the department, where the Rhone steers a jaunty course amid the hillsides under the watchful eye of those famous terrace vineyards. Rich in local fauna and subtly tinged with the vegetation of southern climes, the Pilat Nature Reserve lends itself to all sorts of outdoor activities. And for the historically minded, the museum and archaeological park at St Romain en Gal are an absolute must.
Metropolis of Lyon

In a splendid natural environment rich with historical associations, Greater Lyon comprises in all 55 municipalities. It represents an impressive urban setting whose heartland is the former capital of Roman Gaul. A modern international city, Lyon enjoys a marvellous location, with its two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, meeting at the foot of the hills of Fourvière and the Croix Rousse. 'Vieux Lyon', its unique Old Town, is part of the Unesco World Heritage.

Plain of Lyon: A huge tract of plains covered with cereal farming, this south-eastern part of the department is marvellously located and benefits from fast lines of communication. Just a few minutes from Lyon, the Miribel-Jonage nature Park, the Jonage Canal and the Rhone banks are small paradises of greenery and water. These restful landscapes mingle with contemporary infrastructures like Lyon St Exupéry airport and its TGV train station, but also with scientific, technological and factory sites

Lyon, 2000 years of history

Lyon, 2000 years of history, during which a unique and original architectural and cultural heritage was built. Lyon is also known for its big themes: the story of Lyon from Lugdunum to tomorrow, Unesco, the silk trade and puppet theater 'Guignol', the birth of cinema, light, the painted walls... If you don't have much time, and you want to discover the essential part, the guided tour is ideal. Think about it!